About Aaila Swimwear


Aaila Swimwear is a modest swimwear brand newly launched in Singapore. With a playful spirit and an ambitious task, the brand was founded with one thing in mind: to create beautifully designed modest swimwear that any modern woman would feel comfortable wearing to the beach or lounging poolside at a resort.


Not too long ago, the world had a certain perception of modesty. They thought modest women only wore frumpy grey frocks and dull brown maxi skirts.

Fast forward to present day, we're here to make a statement. Gone are the days of wearing oversized diving suits or loose sweatpants to swim! Putting on Aaila Swimwear means telling the world that you love prints, colours, and fashion trends just as much as the next girl.


Aaila Swimwear was designed in Singapore and manufactured in Indonesia. We take special care in designing for modest women who want to feel feminine but not reveal too much at the same time. The fabric, accessories, and little details have been handpicked and thoughtfully placed to deliver you the ultimate swimming experience. We're dedicated to offering a selection of stylish swimwear that are unique, playful, and reflective of your personality. Because we keep up to date with seasonal trends, the best part of Aaila Swimwear is every collection is limited edition!